10 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Marketing

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Amazing Google Chrome Extensions

10 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions That’ll Improve Your Marketing

One of the many differences between good quality work and bad quality work is how you actually use the tools. Did you ever read this phrase “A Craft Man Is Only As Good As His Tools”? You probably did! No matter what you think about this phrase, it possesses a lot of truth inside that we do require tools to do work and better tools are directly proportional to better work.


Now let’s get back to where we actually started. We live in a world where whether you have a small business or you run a large one, you’d always need one thing to make your business grow, only one thing can boost the audience and that thing is marketing strategies.

Nowadays, not a single person can
deny the use of Google in its life and guess what? I’m not surprised. A
4-year-old child uses Google, all he can watch is cartoon or cat videos but the
thing is, we all use Google as our default search engine.

There are many applications
everyone uses in their daily life and if we think for 1 minute, this actually
helps us in marketing strategy but what makes marketing more powerful? Google
Chrome Extensions!

 These extensions clearly reduce your marketing
efforts and give you more systematic and organized in your approach. So,
without further ado, let us dive into the pool of
10 amazing Google Chrome Extension
which you are definitely going to love.

 These extensions will enable you
to focus, find new clients, and will help you informed a decision about your
promoting systems. Every one of them has served me well at different times, and
I think you’ll like them as well.

1: Grammarly

Grammarly Extension is actually my personal favorite. It is one of the best tools that help to improve your writing and do the homework for you and by this, I meant it can edit the whole word by just one click.

A red line appears whenever you write a wrong spelling or an unsuitable word. It also checks grammatical mistakes for you.

This extension or you can say tool automatically checks each part of your composition, including grammar structure, spelling, and other regular issues.

Their normal platform wants you to either compose or copy+paste your words into their own editorial platform. From checking for more than 250 kinds of grammatical errors to suggesting synonyms, Grammarly does it all! Definitely one of the best Chrome extensions out there for content writers.

2: Evernote

Evernote web clipper extension is one of the best and simple. I know it is really hard to keep the track of your content, a great portion of research goes behind just because you don’t have anything that can manage your content. Well, here allow me to introduce you to Evernote, it is a simple extension for your web that allows you to capture the whole page, articles, blogs, images, selected texts, emails and anything on the screen that inspires you.

With Evernote, you can lessen the messiness of your research and improve your productivity. It enables you to gather articles and photographs from the web, work offline, take notes and simply better manage your research or your content overall.

3: Hashtest

Being an Instagram or Facebook user, we all know the value that a single hashtag can possess. Nowadays, there comes a time when we really need hashtags.

So in the cases when you do require hashtags, I suggest ensuring that the ones you use will offer some benefit. That is the place Hashtest comes in.

This tool will simply test the quality of the hashtags you’re thinking about progressively. So when you’re going to make and share a post, this is an incredible tool that enables you to see which hashtags are performing best. Get HashTest Extension

4: Oktopost

Oktopost is the best extension for social media geeks. While it explicitly focuses on B2B social media management, the applications are extremely accessible to anybody who uses social media as a business.

Furthermore, the value just adds to the estimation of what Oktopost brings to the table since it enables you to share articles and posts legitimately from your browser.

5: SEO Quack

SEOquake Google Chrome extension helps you in SEO, it boosts up SEO rankings on the browser, one of the best apps for entrepreneurs if they want to boost up their website.

It can demonstrate to you the content density on a specific page alongside the non-follow connections present on it. To wrap things up it can likewise compare one page with the other.

A highly recommended extension tool for SEO related work.

6: Momentum

Working for extended periods on the web, doing your examination and research work, can get somewhat tedious and exhausting. That is when tools like Momentum proved to be useful. It will help light up your day.

What does Momentum Chrome extension do you may inquire about? All things considered, very little, every time you open another default tab, you will be welcomed by wonderful pictures and uplifting statements to help you up is all!


It is an amazing tool for marketers.

The whole platform is intended to give you a brisk breakdown of your site’s search traffic and execution on Google.

You can get to know so many things about your current site like organic searches, backlinks, and much more information just by adding SEMRUSH extension to your Chrome.

8: Boomrang

Not to be mistaken for the famous video looping application, Boomerang is also an extension that causes you to deal with the flow of your emails.

To be exact, it encourages you time your messages with the goal that your audience is well on the way to see and react to you in the manner that you need.


While working on the internet, there come many interesting articles that you might want to read but you can’t at that moment because of the workload, here comes the best Google Chrome extension, Feedly!

It allows you to add stories that you might want to read later, and at the end of the day, it only needs a single click and bam! All your favorite stories are back right in your hand.


The Chrome extension Liner makes this whole procedure of highlighting as you read extremely simple. It likewise enables you to compile and arrange all your featured content and offer a connection of that article alongside the connection of the featured content.

So, if you haven’t tried any of these extensions before, I might suggest you try them now you will not regret it and for those who have not even used Google yet, let me tell you to try it now, it has got an amazing friendly user interface that you are really going to enjoy!


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