If you’re looking for any answers, Google is the place where you can find anything you want. Search engines have changed throughout the years, and the boundary to section has gotten significantly higher. When we began, all it took was a huge amount of content so as to get search traffic. You need more traffic on your website, you’d definitely need more signups, more impressions, more proper keywords means more revenue.

But how would you gain more traffic on your website? Of course, with SEO!

Today, I need to share a procedure we’ve created to gain links and visibility and to build web traffic for our customers. I’m going to stroll through how we assembled a site’s SEO methodology starting from the earliest stage — developing from zero guests to 100,000 — and offer key takeaways that you can apply to your own technique.

You can twice your profit with simple SEO techniques. But what happens after sometimes your site get drowned? Have you ever considered the problem? Not really.

Remember, our first goal is to make users happy. If they’re not happy, there is no point in using SEO.

User Intent + SEO = Higher Rankings.

It means you have to give the result that will match user intent. Let me explain what user intent is. User intent is the actual goal behind a user’s Google search and indeed Google is good at finding out user intent.

Starting slow with a new site

Starting with a new site, we understood there were limitations.

At the beginning, we concentrated on opportunities with weak competition and average traffic value. We used SEMrush to manage traffic value and manual research to gauge competition.

Examining the search engine results pages (SERPs), we looked for results with:

  • Bad exact-match domains
  • A lack of big-name brands.
  • Low-quality or outdated content.
  • pages with low link count

Once we knew the potential opportunities, we were able to build best in class content that will target those specific SERPs. We separate our content from others by using these tactics.

  • Clear, compact, concise copy.
  • Original images.
  • Custom-built graphics.
  • Optimal formatting.

Google needs the best content that fits user intent, the content that gives the best answers to users, we set our pages to be successful in SERPs.

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