Email Marketing Course in Pakistan

Duration: 8 Hours | Course Fee: 10,000 PKR

1: What is Email Marketing

2: Types of Email Marketing

- Solicited email marketing

- Un-solicited email marketing

3: Creating an account on an auto-responder (ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft)

4: Creating a list, campaign and managing contacts

- Integrating list with forms

- Building an email list

4: Creating a landing page with working form to generate leads 24/7

5: Opt-in marketing

- Opt-in marketing process

- Setting up auto-responder account

- How to manage auto-responder

- How to schedule emails

- How to track and measure emails

- How to Optimize email delivery

- Best practices of opt-in email marketing

- How to schedule emails for best results

- How to create campaigns for different types of goals

6: Working with automation

- How to create sequences of emails for multiple purposes

- Cart Abandonment

- Purchasers

- Email Sign

7: How to create proper site-tracking with auto-responders

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