PPC & Adwords Marketing
Course in Pakistan

Duration: 24 Hours | Course Fee 25,000 PKR

1 Payment of 25,000 PKR 20,000 PKR

(5000 Discount)

2 Payment of 12,500 PKR

(Two instalment of Course Fee)

1. Understanding PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing

2. Overview of Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter

3. Understanding Adwords

  1. Learning Account Structure
  2. Campaigns, Ad groups, keywords, ads, etc.
  3. Types of advertising campaign –Search, display campaign, shopping campaign and video campaign
  4. Difference between search and display campaign
  5. Understanding targeting options for both search and display campaigns

4. Understanding Adwords algorithm

  1. How does Adwords rank ads on SERP
  2. Understanding their adrank in detail
  3. Understanding about quality score
  4. Why QS (quality score) is important
  5. What is CTR
  6. Why CTR is important
  7. Understanding bids
  8. Learning all types of bids from flexible bidding to enhanced CPC.

5. Creating search campaigns

  1. Types of search campaigns
  2. Shopping campaign
  3. Merchant center
  4. Creating 1st Adwords search campaign
  5. Setting targeting and keywords for the live campaign
  6. Understanding location targeting
  7. Setting bidding strategy
  8. Making the campaign go live

6. Understanding bidding structure

  1. Manual bidding
  2. Auto bidding

7. Advanced level bidding strategies

  1. Enchanced CPC
  2. CPA (Cost per action)

8. What is flexible bidding

9. Advanced details about bidding strategies

10. Understanding ad extensions

11. Adding ad extensions in the campaigns

  1. Creating adgroups
    1. Creating adgroups using tools
    2. Benefits of having adgroups

12. Understanding keywords

  1. Using keyword planner
  2. Finding relevant keywords
  • Types of keyword matches
  1. Adding keywords in adgroups
  2. Examples of keyword matches and their pros and cons

13. Creating ads

  1. Understanding ad metrics
  2. Display and destination URL
  3. How to write a compelling ad copy and headline
  4. Best and worst ad examples

14. Tracking performance of ads using conversions

  1. What is a conversion?
  2. What is conversion tracking?
  3. How to setup conversion tracking
  4. Adding tracking code on the destination website
  5. Checking stats of conversions
  6. How to keep track of goals

15. Optimization of Search campaigns

  1. Important metrics to evaluate the campaigns
  2. Importance of CTR
  3. How to increase CTR of an ad
  4. Relationship of CTR with CPC
  5. Importance of QS
  6. How to improve QS of an ad
  7. How to analyze the performance of keywords
  8. How to add negative keywords
  9. Importance of adding negative keywords
  10. How to decrease CPC
  11. Analyzing competitors performance

16. Creating Display campaigns

  1. Types of display ad campaigns
  2. Creating 1st display campaigns
  3. Targeting options (placement, location and other options)
  4. Ad-scheduling
  5. Ad-delivery options
  6. Using display planner tool
  7. Creating banners
  8. Uploading banners and size measurements Remarketing

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