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SEO Retargeting


Companies and businesses want to spend more time and efforts on retaining their existing customers than on acquiring new customers. This is because of the reason that the cost of developing a new customer base is higher as compared to the cost of customer retention. Retargeting the customers is one of the ways of customer retention.


Online retargeting Is explained as targeting a customer, based on his history of interactions with a brand or product, past visits of a company’s website or past purchases from a company. Users are shown relevant Ads from the same companies as an attempt for having revisits from the users. Most of the time, it results in gaining a number of loyal customers who keep coming back to visit the company’s website or making similar online purchases.

Role of Retargeting in SEO

Results of SEO are calculated on the basis of online traffic on websites. This is calculated best when there is repeated traffic as compared to increased traffic on websites. This means that a website is ranked higher on the Search Engine when it has greater number of loyal visitors as compared to the website having greater number of new page visitors. Retargeting the old or existing customers helps in increasing SEO of the website, thereby increasing the popularity of the business on internet.

SEO Retargeting Companies

SEO Retargeting is a very significant methodology to increase website reach and popularize links. For this effective methodology to work, very close and undivided attention must be paid to the analytics, online traffic and reach on particular links as well as used keywords. This can be done by handing over this marketing technique to the professionals at SEO Retargeting companies who work flexibly with the changing SEO algorithms of search engines, study the new trends, read and interpret the numbers and online traffic and devise methods for increasing SEO through retargeting methods.

SEO Retargeting companies provide their services on various online platforms including social media apps and websites such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter etc. They divide the targeted internet audience into segments, based on their interests and visiting history and develop creative advertising strategies based on interests of particular segment of targeted customers.