Social Media Marketing
Course in Pakistan

Duration: 30 Hours | Course Fee 25,000 PKR

1 Payment of 25,000 PKR 20,000 PKR

(5000 Discount)

2 Payment of 12,500 PKR

(Two instalment of Course Fee)

1.What is social media?
2. Understanding the social media marketing concepts
3. How social media marketing is different
4. What is the single most important concept about social media marketing?
5.How to create Your Brand Story
6. Define Your Goals
7. Develop Audience Personas
8. Create a Journey Map for social media
9. Identify Key Channels
10. Develop a Content Strategy
11. Draft a Content Calendar
13. Plan Your Resources
14.Simply Measure

15. Creating a perfect content marketing plan: O Align

  • Publishing content
  • Branding
  • Direction
  • Support

16.Types of content on social media

17.Learning about Facebook Algorithm - EdgeRank

  • What is Edgerank
  • Calculation for edge rank
  • How to use EdgeRank to your benefit

18. Learning about optimization

  • How to Pay to Play
  • How to Share thumb stopping content
  • How to Use video & native content
  • How to Encourage engagement using unique ways
  • How to Post on trending topics

19. Facebook Business Manager

  • How to properly use and manage Facebook business manager

20. Strategy creation

  • How to generate Ideas
  • How to create a Flow
  • Which Channels to use
  • How to do Budgeting
  • How to do Profiling – Interests
  • How to create a backup Plan
  • Approval

21. Facebook marketing (Both Organic and Paid ads)

  • Understanding Facebook Marketing 
  • Practical Exercise
  • Creating a page 
  • Adding contacts
  • Posting on the wall

22. Increasing likes the legitimate way
23. How to do marketing on a Facebook page O Fans engagement
24. Tools and applications for increasing engagement on your FB page
25. Understanding the key metrics on your Facebook page
26. Understanding blind posts

27. Best practices for posting

  • Practical Exercise
  • Creating a Facebook advertisement
  • Understanding Power editor
  • Difference between boosting a post and running a PPE advertisement
  • Adding a Credit card for billing and understanding billing

28. Best practices for posting

  • Practical Exercise
  •  Learning every objective of
  • Facebook advertisement
  • Setting budget
  • Targeting audience
  • Using audience insight

29. How to properly use re-targeting

  • Learning custom audiences
  • How to create sequences
  • How to properly use retargeting for your business
  • How to work with Facebook Pixels
  • How to use Facebook pixels to maximize sales and conversions
  • How to make Facebook Pixels strong so they work in your favour
  • Running paid advertisements on other major social media networks
  • Twitter
  • Both paid advertising and organic marketing
  • Linkedin
  • Both paid advertising and organic marketing

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